Casa Loma
Casa Loma

Casa Loma is one of the most beautiful castles in North America. “Sir Henry Pellatt was the dreamer behind this famous Toronto landmark and it took three years & 3.5 million dollars to build it”, according to the Casa Loma website. Majestically extended on a hill – it boasts of splendid architecture, lavish interiors, lush lawns & unobstructed views of the Toronto skyline.

We visited the Castle this September on a perfect summer day. Bought the tickets (24 CAD per adult including taxes) and picked up the headphones from the gift shop to begin our tour. After a closer look at the map of the castle, we decided to first head towards the lower level to see the Stables. Its quite a walk through the 800 ft dark & cold tunnel which leads to the beautiful Stables and Antique Car Exhibit.

The stables seemed fit for the royal horses and the Cars displayed in the other exhibit are beautiful and includes a “1914 Ford Model T”, a “1910 Maxwell Model Q2” and a four-cylinder “1929 Ford Model A” among many others. It was so interesting to see these antique cars and read more about them. After spending some time there, we made our way back through the tunnel and started the tour of the ‘Main Floor’.

1914 Ford Model T

The Great hall is quite impressive with high ceilings, beautiful fireplace and sculpted pillars – it is the center-piece of the Castle. To add to the experience, a singing performance from one of the balconies took us by a pleasant surprise, it lasted for about a few minutes but transported us back in time – so this is how it might have been when Lady Pellatt hosted parties in the great room.

From here, we went to the Oak Room which is impeccably decorated and the carved wooden panels really make this room look regal. It looks perfect and it surely, is the best room in the Castle. Next to it, is the Smoking room where Sir Pellatt used to spend time with his friends and adjacent to it, is the Billiards room to enjoy an evening of game. The best part of this room is the floor-to-ceiling windows which have a wonderful view of the garden.

Oak Room
Oak Room

On the other side of the castle, is the Serving Room, Dining Room and the Library which are beautifully ornate with dazzling chandeliers and intricate ceilings. And the way to the conservatory is through here, which feels like an oasis built to relax and the round fountain & the plants add to its beauty.

On the right to it, is the dining room and there’s an access door to the Terrace which has some amazing views of the Garden and downtown Toronto. After completing a tour of this side, we walked through the resplendent Peacock Alley lighted with ceiling lamps, to take the stairs. Next up was the second Floor, and Sir Pellatt’s suite is on the right of the passageway and we stepped in to see this luxurious abode – ideal for the owner of the castle.

Sir Pellatt's room
Sir Pellatt’s suite

Through this room, one can walk through to Lady Pellatt’s suite which is beautiful and the guest room which is also well decorated. From here, we went back to the passageway overlooking the great room and moved on to see the elegant ‘Round Room’, where the doors and windows are made to fit its round structure. Its such an interesting room, and the curved walls & doors make it so different from any other, we have ever seen.

Next to it, is a tastefully furnished guest room called ‘Windsor Room’, inspired by the Royal Family. After seeing the entire second floor, we went to the third – where the Queen’s own Rifles are on display in various rooms. And the view from the windows here is breathtaking, as the fountains on the grounds make a beautiful picture. We also saw a documentary based on the life of Sir Pellatt here. After a tour of this massive castle,it was time to head to the Liberty cafe for a late lunch before venturing out on to the lawns. We ordered the tasty Italian club sandwich and Chicken cob wrap with avocado & eggs and relaxed for sometime.

It was already four-thirty, when we came out to the garden surrounding the castle and enjoyed the views, while a wedding party got their pictures clicked with the castle in the background. And there ended our tour of this magnificent structure.

The Front Lawn

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  1. Great pictures. My family lives in Rochester, right across the lake. I haven’t been to Toronto since I was a kid. Would love to to return.


  2. Casa Loma is now on my list of places I want to visit. I love touring historic homes, be they large or small; Casa Loma obviously is of the grand category. It always amazes me how formal and excessively large “homes” in this category are. I can’t imagine living in something so ornate, especially with children…even with servants, maids, butlers, etc. to assist in the upkeep.


  3. This castle looks amazing! I always think about visiting castles when I go to Europe but I really need to start thinking about trying to visit the ones we do have in the US. =)


  4. Thank you for sharing so much information about this beautiful castle in Toronto. I’ve visited the city for a week-end but didn’t know about it. It’s going to be on my list next time I go to Toronto.


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