Central Park
Bow Bridge, Central Park

Every season graces the charming Central Park and brings out even more beauty. In summers, it is aglow with endless hues of green; Spring carries with it a bounty of colors in the shape of flowers; Fall splashes the entire park with the wonderful shades of oranges & browns and Winter dresses it up with a lovely blanket of snow.

We make it a point to visit Central Park at-least once in every season and living close-by really helps. It has been an incredible experience to see this park in its different avatars. And this winter, it looks even more beautiful after a heavy snowfall. Over the weekend, we enjoyed a snowball fight, long walk on the slippery paths and the yummy ice-cream sandwiches in this winter wonderland.

A perfect place to enjoy the snowy season in New York.

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  1. As someone who’s spent their last 15 or so winters in Arizona or Central America I long for a cold snowy week somewhere. I’ve only been to NYC in the summer too.. looks magical with all the snow, something I definitely have to experience some day!

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