View of the Hills from the Mall Road

It is believed that revisiting childhood memories evokes feelings of happiness. Sure, that always works. I was in Shimla, last week with my family. A short trip down the memory lane to the lovely hill-station, we frequented during the growing up years.

Right from the time we decided to the time we drove back home – it was unforgettable. It reminded me of those good days:

“Walking up & down the slopes, eating ice-cream on the ridge while freezing in the cold, shopping at the flea market (which used to be quite fun), chomping onย innumerable corncobs, posing with our favorite car on the way, arguing with my siblings to sit in the front seat, holding on to the saddle tightly while enjoying a horse ride, trying the different Pahari (hilly area) fruits and myriad varieties of juices, picking up a fight at every chance to hold the camera, relishing delicious makhni (lentil curry) dinners with paneer (cottage cheese) dishes on the side and enjoying the week long holiday to the fullest far away from the horrid summers.”

What’s the perfect recipe for a family summer holiday? Well, there you go.

Hillside View of Shimla from our Hotel window

Almost an eight hour drive from home, Shimla wasn’t too far. Parked right in front of the hotel main door and checked in. With my little niece in tow, it was time for all of us to relax for a little while and enjoy the natural beauty around us. Three hour rest and piping hot tea in the evening was enough to get us out of the hotel for a walk. The views were breathtaking, it was almost like a postcard – colorful houses set one after the other on the hillsides, tall green trees jostling for light and the sky filled with dark heavy clouds. And it poured.

Rushed back in to pick up our coats, as it became quite chilly. The rain didn’t last long but it made everything look fresh and clean, bringing it to its more natural state.

Shimla Mall Road

Clouds cleared and we were on our way to the mall road, couldn’t miss the hustle & bustle of the place in the evening. Walked by the Clarke’s Hotel, up to the sports center near the lift while stopping in between to have yummy coconut wedges, passed by the Lakkar Bazaar and several ethnic-wear stores and onto the ridge with Church on one side and the scenic valley on the other.

After a round of ice-creams and cakes, it was time to head back to the hotel where a spread of Makhani & Paneer dinner was waiting for us. Heavenly food is the least I can say, an ideal way to end day one of our vacation.

Clarke’s Hotel on the Mall Road

The day that followed took us to the Mall road early in the morning. Began with a sumptuous breakfast of omelettes and Pranthas, and by eleven we were shopping. Bought a few kurtas & a pahari jacket, had mouthwatering chocolate rolls, had lunch at Baljees and enjoyed the balmy weather with my lovely family.

Ended the day, with another classic dinner menu. The three day trip to the charming hill-station Shimla was so wonderful, I would love to visit the place again with family soon.

Church on the Ridge

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City Info:

Shimla is situated in Himachal Pradesh in India, and is a famous vacation spot. A beautiful hill-station, it is about 360 kms (224 miles) from New Delhi and about a 7 hours drive. Very accessible by train as well, its a beautiful city to see while visiting India.


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  1. Oh, my! What a colorful place! The photos are wonderful! It is true that there is no place like home. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Natalie, The Educational Tourist


  2. Hello Vasudha, ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s your friend Gregory Thomas here. I just wanted to thank you for checking out my blog, and supporting me, how are things going with you?
    Let’s make a strive to both get our work out there!


  3. I can’t wait to go back to Shimla one of these days. I went with my family many years ago when on summer holiday from school. I remembered monkeys tapping at our hotel window – it was a magical place. I vowed to return to Shimla one day. Thanks for this wonderful post, and the beautiful pictures.


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