New Orleans: A taste of french-style Beignets at Cafe Du Monde

A visit to the original 1862 coffee stand ‘Café Du Monde’ in New Orleans was one of the best part of our trip to this lovely city. It has the old world charm and serves the best beignets ever.

cafe du monde

A sunny winter day and from across the street, we saw the long line to get a table at the café. And we were in within a few minutes. A lady seated us at the table for four, enough space to put our gear down and enjoy a perfect Nola evening.

Ordered the ‘Beignets, Café Au Lait and Hot Chocolate’, and waited for the deliciousness to arrive. After about 10 minutes, the lady was there with our plate of Beignets and to our surprise, she told us that they only accept cash. It was quite different, we paid the bill and took a sip of the tasty hot chocolate.


The French-style beignets were generously dusted with powdered sugar and we were more than happy to take a bite of this freshly made dessert. It was perfectly warm, fluffy in the middle & melted in the mouth and paired well with the coffee.

Not just the delish beignets, the history of this place and the atmosphere makes it an experience in itself.


We spend a good part of our evening there and enjoyed our time, before stepping out to Jackson Square.


P.S. – Ended up getting some more beignets packed for our way back.

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10 thoughts on “New Orleans: A taste of french-style Beignets at Cafe Du Monde

  1. I was here this past summer!! Best coffee I’ve ever had in my life. And the beignets were worth every dreadful minute standing in line 🙂 Even though I ended up wearing most of that powdered sugar for the rest of the day!!


  2. Nice post. Waited an hour for them last time I was down in NOLA. They were pretty good. Not sure if it was worth waiting an hour for them, but it was worth waiting an hour to do one of the definitive NOLA experiences.


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