Mount Evans: Colorado’s scenic landscape

Echo Lake Park, Colorado

Wedding Anniversary trip to Colorado was memorable and the reasons were many. Including the fact that it was during the special anniversary week, the spell-bounding natural beauty of this state was indescribable. It is not possible to do justice to its picture perfect landscape in words or through pictures.

View on our way to Mount Evans Summit

Drive from Boulder to the summit was not long in distance but as the roads got narrow and the speed became slow – it took much longer. We drove straight through to the Summit Lake Park which is about 20 mins before the summit. This lake is set against the hills so beautifully, the view just takes the breath away.

Spent some time there and clicked a few pictures quickly before leaving for summit, as it had started snowing. While we were still deciding whether to go to the summit in that weather or not, we saw a park ranger walking by and asked him about it and he advised that the snow will not collect & we could still go to the summit before the road from there closes the very next day.

The road to Summit

The decision was made and we were on our way to the summit. The drive was definitely scary, as the road seemed just enough for two cars to cross at the same time and the hillside was mighty steep. Being ‘the highest paved road in North America’, it was definitely a tough ride.

Mount Evans Summit

In about 20 minutes, we were there and the moment we stepped out, freezing cold air hit us. Temperature was about zero degrees but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the stunning vistas from up there. The scenery was just like a painting – the zig-zag mountains were outlined all around us. It was magical. So happy, the snow didn’t deter us from driving to the summit.


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