Fall Colors All Around


This season of change brings with itself cooler breezes and brighter hues. Definitely, one of the most wonderful time of the year – when everything gets splashed with the leafy colors – Yellows, Oranges, Purples & Reds along with the browns.

Few beautiful lines from “Merry Autumn” by Paul Laurence Dunbar (link) :

                                     “Now purple tints are all around; 
                                                The sky is blue and mellow; 
                                   And e’en the grasses turn the ground 
                                                From modest green to yellow”.

This season of colors looks beautiful and it feels like everything comes alive. There are colors all around us – the backyard, roadsides, Parks and almost wherever you look. And this month of October surely deserves a post on Fall Colors.

Fall Colors
Fall Colors

The beauty all around, makes us want to enjoy every moment before the cold sets in. And it also symbolizes – change as the old leaves fall off for the new ones take their place. We have been enjoying the Toronto Fall, and these are some of the pictures we clicked of the changing colors.

Loving the colors.


Gallery of Pictures

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22 thoughts on “Fall Colors All Around

  1. Wonderful colors and nicely shot pics, Vasudha.

    Fall gives rise to winter, which is almost there. I wish in USA, summer and fall were the only two seasons 😉

    Have a great Halloween weekend!!!


  2. Nature at its best…the changing phases of nature presents to us the most fascinating facet of nature’s intrinsic beauty. You have been very lucky to be in midst of such wonderful changes and your capture has been equally magical…of course the words you have selected have done full justice to the colorful and enticing nature…lovely post!!!


  3. Gorgeous colors! Just love this time of the year. I’m from Rochester, not too far away from Toronto and that is one of the things I miss the most about my hometown.


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