San Francisco: A lovely day by the Bay

Bay Cruise

“What a wonderful day it was”, I said while slurping down the Clam Chowder.

“Yes, couldn’t be better”, my husband replied.

We were enjoying our dinner after spending an entire day exploring the beautiful San Francisco Bay. And both of us loved it – the amazing views, great weather and delicious food – it is an incredible city.

On our December trip, Fisherman’s Wharf was second on our list after the Golden Gate Bridge. So we began the day early, and enjoyed the morning gazing at the gorgeous bridge from Crissy fields. It was a perfect day, as the sky was clear and we were able to get some awesome shots. After spending some time there, we went to the lively Fisherman’s Wharf. It was streaming with people – some waiting in the line for cruises, tourists clicking pictures, some walking to their destinations and some just relaxing by the water.

We bought the bay cruise tickets here, to see the golden gate bridge, Alcatraz and the stunning San Francisco bay. Cruise Tour is the best way to see the city and to know more about its history. Within a few minutes, we boarded and picked up the headphones on our way to the top deck. Though it was chilly, we had a good time admiring the beautiful landscape around us while listening to the stories of this city. Tour lasted for about 30 minutes and it really was a fun experience. By evening, we were exploring more of Fisherman’s wharf and had a lovely time eating at a local seafood restaurant.

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36 thoughts on “San Francisco: A lovely day by the Bay

  1. Lovely post and beautiful photos. San Francisco is indeed a very beautiful city, much in contrast to the other USA cities with tall skyscrapers. I found it to be a pretty laid back kind of a city which preserves its smallness, history and heritage. And Wharf area is amazing to explore. It can be cold and chilling in SFO but if weather is good, no better to explore than SFO.


  2. My husband and I visited San Francisco a few years back. Fisherman’s Warf was always hopping back then. We enjoyed walking the Golden Gate Bridge, visiting alchatraz and taking the trolly in town. We did not take the cruise.


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