San Francisco: A lovely day by the Bay

“What a wonderful day it was”, I said while slurping down the Clam Chowder. “Yes, couldn’t be better”, my husband replied. We were enjoying our dinner after spending an entire day exploring the beautiful San Francisco Bay. And both of us loved it – the amazing views, great weather and delicious food – it is an incredible […]

Death Valley: Intriguing Amargosa Opera House

Death Valley, just the name itself conjures up varied visions. But a trip to the Valley is enough to leave you with that lasting impression. It was always on our list to drive through Death Valley from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, owing to the fact that it is one of those mysterious places. And […]

San Francisco: Famous Cable car ride

No trip to San Francisco is complete without a ride on the famous cable car. That’s what everyone says and they are right ! But it all begins with a little hard work i.e. getting in a long line before you finally get to enjoy the bumpy ride. We waited for about half an hour, […]

California: Panoramic Pacific Coast Highway

After an early morning flight, misplaced baggage and a long-tiring journey – it all worked out well when we landed in San Francisco to begin our ‘Christmas in California’ trip. Overcast skies and beautiful vistas awaited, as we decided to take the ‘Pacific Coast Highway’ (State Route 1) – known for a picturesque drive along the […]


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