10 Best Things to do in Toronto 1-001

Visiting Toronto, don’t miss out on the ‘10 best things to do’ in this beautiful city. No matter what season it is, this city will dazzle you with its beauty. Here – the summer sun shines brilliantly on the gleaming water of Lake Ontario, fall colors create paintings in the air, the winter snow decorates the city streets and spring’s bright blooms cheer up the chilly days.

Plan your trip to Toronto this year to:

  1. Stroll in the corridors of this Gothic Revival Style 100-year old ‘Casa Loma’

Get enchanted by the mysteries of this castle and experience the luxurious beauty of the elegant interiors and the lush greenery around. Gaze into the evening sky from the balcony while the cool breeze filled with tiny water droplets from the grand fountain beneath caress your face. This castle is located right in Toronto city and is easily accessible by public transport.


  1. Marvel at the panoramic views of the gorgeous city of Toronto from the top of ‘C N Tower’

The iconic C.N. Tower dominates the Toronto skyline and lights up the sky in the night. It is undoubtedly the best place to feel the thrill of being at the top of the world. The tower offers amazing views of the cityscape, so don’t forget to book the Tower experience in advance. And if you enjoy revolving dining experience, try out the lunch menu at 360 Restaurant and have a hearty meal overlooking this trendy city.

  1. Immerse in the wonder of colors, creatures, characters and creativity at the ‘Graffiti Alley’

A stretch of walls covered in the myriad hues of imagination and colors transports you to a different world – a wonder full of marine life, cartoon characters, scary creatures in the numerous shades of graffiti. Graffiti Alley is painted with murals and goes west from Spadina Avenue to Portland Street and is definitely a must-see when visiting Toronto.


  1. Delight in the fuzzy cuteness of Pandas at the ‘Toronto Zoo’

Who doesn’t love the cute giant Pandas and more so, with the country’s first giant panda cubs in the zoo as well. See them nibbling on bamboo sticks or tickling their bellies in the Eurasia Wild Exhibit. They will be in Toronto zoo till Spring 2018, so plan your next trip soon for these furry cuties and all the other beautiful animals you love.

  1. Indulge in the savory delights at the World famous ‘St Lawrence Market’

The aromas of spices, meat, cakes & jams in this bustling food market will leave your senses wanting for more. Indulge in a strawberry rhubarb pie, enjoy tofu wrapped in eggplant or taste the best caviar. And if you are interested in picking up a few culinary skills, check ahead of time for the available classes which get sold out quickly.

When visiting St Lawrence Market, take a walk on the original 1796 Front Street in downtown Toronto and pass by the famous flatiron Gooderham Building – one of the most photographed location of the city.


  1. Rejoice in the festive atmosphere at the ‘Nathan Phillips Square’

The central destination for events & festivals in the city all through the year is Nathan Philips Sqaure. It is surrounded by the beautiful City Halls and is an ideal spot for hanging out with friends to enjoy a jazz concert or even scare them with your Zombie Walk. And somedays, just take a seat by the reflecting pool & see the world go by or get a picture clicked with the massive Toronto sign.

  1. Slumber under the thrilling Shark Tunnel at the ‘Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada’

Don’t just walk by the Shark Tank, take it up a notch by unfolding your sleeping bag right in the Dangerous Lagoon Shark Tunnel. See these mighty creatures swim in the water sky all night long and spend a thrilling night with your entire family. Plan your family sleepover this year at the Canada’s largest aquarium.


  1. Delve into world history in Canada’s largest ‘Royal Ontario Museum’

With exhibits and galleries which take you back in Roman History, give you an opportunity to understand Chinese Architecture and engage you on a tour of Canadian heritage – it’s a wonderful place to appreciate world’s art and history. And their featured exhibitions are also quite a crowd-pullers.

  1. Lounge by the serenity of Lake Ontario at the Beautiful ‘Toronto Islands’

Relax and enjoy a picnic with family & friends in the perfect setting with the backdrop of the most stunning cityscape spanning the waterside. It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, bringing you closer to the nature’s beauty. You can reach the islands by a ferry which runs frequently all day.


    10. Lock your love at the heart of ‘Distillery District’

A great place to lock your love is not far in this lovely city of Toronto. Its right at the heart of the charming Distillery District, where the word ‘Love’ is installed in colossal fonts alongside a heart creating enough place to put a lock for the ones in love. And don’t forget to celebrate it with a beer in a pub in one of the 19th century red-brick Victorian building.

The city offers so much to both tourists and locals alike, providing the best from around the world.

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