The Parade has just begun

The Halloween Parade in Toronto was on the 25th of October this year. And we were at the Nathan Phillips Square to enjoy the celebrations – and it was packed with zombies – eating & talking to each other and happily posing for photographers.

The Parade began around three with tons of spooky pomp and moved on with an array of monsters, Vampires, ghosts and the bloodied brides. Creatively crafted costumes, gory make-up and scary tactics – it was complete with all the craziness.

We decided to watch it walk down the street, so we went to the Dundas-Yonge area, instead of following the parade and waited for it to arrive. The costumed characters played their part really well – scaring everyone around and having a great time. We saw all kinds – blood sucking vampires, brain eating zombies, wounded soldiers, a lone skeleton, weird school kids, creepy figures, masked men and so on. Surely, it was an awesome parade & we enjoyed clicking beautiful pictures while joining in the excitement.

Zombies having a good time

Followed the parade in the end, and walked back to Nathan Phillips Square where it gathered after five. It was super crowded, seemed like the entire city was out to join the fun times. Meanwhile, the parade dispersed for the creep show and the costume contest which were scheduled one after the other.

We spent some more time there before leaving as it had started getting really chilly. What a fantastic day we had with the zombies !!

Parade in action

Gallery of Pictures

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