New York: Central Park in its winter glory

Central Park
Bow Bridge, Central Park

Every season graces the charming Central Park and brings out even more beauty. In summers, it is aglow with endless hues of green; Spring carries with it a bounty of colors in the shape of flowers; Fall splashes the entire park with the wonderful shades of oranges & browns and Winter dresses it up with a lovely blanket of snow.

We make it a point to visit Central Park at-least once in every season and living close-by really helps. It has been an incredible experience to see this park in its different avatars. And this winter, it looks even more beautiful after a heavy snowfall. Over the weekend, we enjoyed a snowball fight, long walk on the slippery paths and the yummy ice-cream sandwiches in this winter wonderland.

A perfect place to enjoy the snowy season in New York.

Copyright © Vasudha Aggarwal &, 2014 -15. All rights reserved.


19 thoughts on “New York: Central Park in its winter glory

  1. As someone who’s spent their last 15 or so winters in Arizona or Central America I long for a cold snowy week somewhere. I’ve only been to NYC in the summer too.. looks magical with all the snow, something I definitely have to experience some day!

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