“Wow”, we said together, when we first saw Badami along the Agasthya Lake- the view is out of this world.

Badami is famous for its panoramic views and temples and is situated almost 500 kms (310 miles) from Bangalore in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India. According to the historical records, it used to be the capital of Chalukyas during the 7th century A.D.

The four cave temples here were built during their reign. These are cut out of the sandstone hills and have elaborate artistry. The pillars are engraved with beautiful designs and the carvings on the walls are carefully sculpted & detailed. The temples are dug into the hills and when seen from afar, it looks as if those are passages into the domineering backdrop.


The caves overlook Agasthya Tirtha tank and the Bhuthnath temple which is situated like a jewel at the mouth of lake. Its a stunning panorama and an unforgettable sight. Undoubtedly, its a perfect abode for God.

These were also built during the same period. The main temple is called ‘Sri Paigara Sridhara Bhuteshwara’ according to the 8th century records. It has grand pillars and the carvings of lotus adorn the structure. And the temple presents different architectural influences, due to additions by the Kalyani Chalukyas during the 11th century and others.


Chalukyas built around 158 temples within the radius of 48 kms (30 miles) around the area, as per an information board. That is quite a large number. All the temples we saw here were beautiful and the Archaeological Museum close by had a lot of information as well – mainly about the history of Badami, Aihole and Pattadkal.

And I cant forget to mention the little guy who showed us the area. While we were on our way to the temples, a boy walked up to us and asked, “Do you need a guide?”

We said, “Yes, do you know anyone.”

He proudly replied, “I can show you around.”

That was amusing, but we did agree to it on the assurance that he wasn’t missing his school. And he walked along with us, giving us tit-bits about the place.

The imposing scenery and the elegant temples – make a picturesque setting.


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Links – For more information about Badami, see Karnatakatourism website.


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