Mardi Gras Parade: It’s all about the People


Yes, it is all about the people. People who ride on the floats wearing masks, people who parade down the streets (some while holding a flamboyant dog), people who play in the band, people who are dressed in vibrant costumes and not to forget – people who are the audience –

“If you are not in the Parade, you watch the parade. That’s Life.”- Mike Ditka

Thus, a blog post just about the people – who were a part of the procession and also who were there to cheer them.


Mardi Gras is a wonderful spectacle and around a million people visit New Orleans every year to enjoy the festivities. Along with the parades, one can enjoy jazz music and relish the cajun-creole cuisine as well.

Bizarre outfits and costumes, vibrant headbands and tiaras, shiny ties and hats, carnival feather masks, lighted sunglasses – you can find it all here. And with everyone wearing the jazzy beads  – the crowd blends in completely in the Mardi Gras colors.

You need to be there to really experience the madness.


Copyright © Vasudha Aggarwal &, 2014 -15. All rights reserved.


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