New York: Impressive Belvedere Castle


Belvedere Castle, an integral part of Central Park stands impressively high overlooking the verdant expanse.

Built in 1869, this stone structure provides that historical feel to the park. It looks perfect through the seasons – in summers it surrounds itself with the vibrant hues of green and in winters it takes cover under the gleaming snow.

We have been here many times and every time it has been an enjoyable experience. The arched doorway to the castle leads to a spiral staircase which is small – so small that either people can climb up or go down – no both ways at the same time. Mostly one has to wait near the staircase to make sure in the mirror that no one will be in the way. This opens into the lookout area from where the views of Central park are unbelievable.

One level up, another spiral staircase and the views are even better. And its a great place to click a panoramic photo.

It so befits the description ‘Just out of a fairy tale’.

Copyright © Vasudha Aggarwal &, 2014 -15. All rights reserved.


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