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Walking in through the university gate which has welcomed brilliant students from around the world, stopping by the illustrious halls which have been a witness to the glory of this prominent institution – its a journey like none other.

And this spring, we had an opportunity to visit Boston and Harvard Tour was on top of our list. So, after enjoying a sumptuous brunch at Quincy Market, we headed straight to Harvard Square. It was supposed to start at 2 p.m, so we left early and got a great parking spot on Massachusetts Ave which was quite close to the meeting point.

The guide was already there, waiting for everyone to turn up and we happened to be the first ones. Slowly, more people started joining in and once the group was big enough, we were formally introduced to the tour guide who herself was a current student of Harvard. She gave us a brief overview and began the tour with eight more people along with us.

We stepped on the campus through the Johnston Gate and walked by the famous Harvard Hall and Massachusetts Hall – the oldest buildings among all. Just across the hall, a few blocks away lies the Statue of John Harvard – according to our guide, the students here believe that rubbing the foot of the statue brings good luck, so on exam days most of them pass through these lawns.

Next, on the tour was Freshman Dorms, home for the students for first few years and the Holden Chapel. And from here, we went towards the Science Centre – one of the newer buildings on the campus. The tour guide did a really great job of providing us a detailed history of the university which was very informative and she even managed to keep it light, by dropping in some witty jokes here and there.

The tour went on for an hour or so and we passed by the Memorial Hall, Sever Hall Quad and the Widener Library on our way back out. Not just the academic buildings, she also took us around the favorite eating joints of the students.

We enjoyed the tour of this celebrated institution and it surely was a journey like none other.

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  1. Looks gorgeous! Great post, love reading about your travels around the USA – I hope to go next year, and Harvard is high on my list!!

    Also – Thank you for following my blog, Wanderbug! I’ve actually just set up a new emailing list with mail chimp, so that I can send my readers better emails – less frequent, but better (and prettier and more personal) round ups of the best content, the occasional freebies and sneak previews of some travel projects I’m working on. If you’d like to sign up to my new email letter instead, please use this link and fill out the form 🙂

    Have a great day!


  2. When I was in Boston I went on that tour too! It was fun and insightful, and I even took a picture at the “kissing gate” where young fellas kissed their beloved ones goodbye before they stepped on campus. Great pictures! Make me reminisce my trip to the East Coast 🙂 – Lena


  3. Boston what a great place, definitely one of the nicest cities in the states. Did you get the mandatory Harvard T shirt.


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