Newport: A Calm Hudson Riverfront

Lower Manhattan Skyline
Lower Manhattan Skyline

Newport affords some of the most fabulous views of Manhattan. Situated along the Hudson river in New Jersey, its beautiful to visit any time of the year.

A calm waterfront with lined trees, towering LeFrak light house and the panoramic views of the other side of the river – it really is a wonderful place to live as well. Just a few minutes drive for us and this has been perfect for our cool summer walks, relaxed evenings by the water and of-course for getting amazing shots of the New York skyline.

Along the shore – Newport

Along with that, its also has many restaurants which serve delicious food and a mall which makes it a great weekend spot. Likewise, we have been here numerous times, for all the reasons which make this place so wonderful.

Lighthouse at Newport

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12 thoughts on “Newport: A Calm Hudson Riverfront

  1. I had no idea that Newport NJ offered such a gorgeous view point for the big city. It’s good to know you can be so close but in relative peace and quiet at the same time.


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