Choki Dhani Ethnic Setting, Rustic Interiors, Traditional performances, Folk Music, Cultural Flavors and an Extravaganza of Food – its like a symphony to the senses. It showcases the essence of Indian (Rajasthani) traditional food and art perfectly.

A visit to Choki Dhani is always a pleasure especially with family. On our India trip this winter, we were there for a wonderful evening of food and music. Bought our entry passes and stepped into the land of Rajasthan with a village of mud huts, sound of classical music in the background and people dressed in ethnic attires greeting us. The moment we entered, we were offered the popular Indian mocktail known as ‘Jaljeera’, a delicious start to our evening.

And then, it was time for some traditional performances by dancers and acrobats, puppet show and there was also a magic show going on for kids. It was fun to go around, before we went for trinket shopping at the local shop – they had amazing stuff from stone bangles to an elephant showpiece. We did end up buying a few pretty things from there. IMG-20141125-WA0017-001 Right afterwards, we went to the dining area ‘Sangri’ to enjoy the great flavors of Rajasthani cuisine. Its more of a celebration of culture, with over 24 different varieties of food and condiments – its a treat like none other. They began with a round of curries and breads followed by multiple servings of various sweets & snacks until we couldn’t eat anymore.

And the most awaited part of the meal for us, was the Dal, Bati & Churma – a well-known Rajasthani dish which combines the sweetness of churma with the spicy dal & the richness of ghee (clarified Butter) served generously with Bati – it has a very unique taste.

It was a wonderful experience and we thoroughly enjoyed the lavish dinner. Will surely be back for the delicious food very soon.

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  1. Awesome. Love Indian food, actually had it last night. Its great to hear about your authentic experience. Hope to have one myself one of these days.

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  2. Very interesting. I’ve never heard of some of these things but curry is my all-time favorite smell and flavor of them all! How lucky you are to get to enjoy all that amazing stuff.

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  3. This sounds like so much fun! I’ve never been to India but I had a fantastically authentic Indian food experience in the UK last year which I blogged about. We learned all about the benefits of different spices and got to sample so many dishes – I was in heaven! 🙂 I would love to visit India one day and experience something like this.

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