Beautiful St. Louis Cathedral alongside the lively Jackson Square is an iconic picture of the city of New Orleans. As planned, we were there on a Saturday afternoon and the sun decided to shine bright on a December day making the place look even more amazing.


Jackson Square

Jackson Square, a beautiful park in New Orleans is a National Historic Landmark and the statue of former US President Andrew Jackson graces the space.

The park was Christmas ready with the red ribbons & bows and looked lovely on a sunny day. People were enjoying a great winter day walking around, sitting in the warmth of the sunshine and clicking pictures with the stunning backdrop of the famous Cathedral. It definitely presented us also, with an opportunity to take some awesome shots of this vibrant place while the deep-blue sky created its magic.


St. Louis Cathedral

‘Completed in 1851, built over the foundation of a colonial 1727 church’, according to information board. This historic structure stands tall in old New Orleans overlooking the statue of Andrew Jackson amidst the verdant Square by the flowing waters of Mississippi river. Known for its history and beauty, ‘it is the oldest active cathedral in the United States’, as per the information board.

We walked across from the Jackson Square to tour the Cathedral. The tours are free and it wasn’t as crowded as we imagined, so we walked in with a self-guided brochure. The altar is absolutely beautiful and the intricate paintings on the ceilings & around add to the beauty of the entire view.


Everything seemed to be in its perfect place and the chandeliers & brightly colored flags lined all along created a lovely ambiance.  With the effervescent glow of the prayer candles and the streaks of light through the multi-colored glass windows – the church was lit up and we sat there for quite sometime surrounded by peace.


Back in Jackson Square, where a live band was performing and a magician was enticing the audience with his tricks; we joined the party.

From the moment we stepped out of the Cathedral, I had my eyes set on a tarot card reader and went for it, right after a fantastic show by a local performer. The reading went well and there were not many surprises. It was a first for me, so I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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If planning your trip:

Info – St Louis Cathedral- 612 Pere Antoine Aly, New Orleans, LA 70116. Open Daily from 8:30 am to 4 pm with Daily Mass at 12:05 pm. You can pick up self-guided brochures for $1.00 donation at the entrance.


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