Day 2 of our trip and it was another rainy day. We had booked a Kenai Fjords Cruise in Seward at 11:30 am and it was about a 2 & a half hours drive from Anchorage. We started early around 8 am to get some time on the way for enjoying the scenic highway.

The views were breathtaking – with the Turnagain Arm shoreline on the one side and the snowy Chugach mountains on the other. The entire drive is so beautiful that it is tough not to stop no matter what the weather is. After making lots of stops, we were at the port by 11 am and then got in the line to board the cruise ship.

Boarded and put all are things in the cabin and we were out on the deck to not miss anything. Just a few minutes after the cruise started, a whale spout was spotted nearby and we all gathered/squeezed on the deck to see it. Everyone waited for it to come to the surface and it did and most of us who saw it exclaimed with excitement and took multiple pictures. We kept going on the deck and back inside the heated cabins as it was a cold and rainy day.

We spotted a couple of humpback whales and then while cruising along the resurrection bay – there were large number of seabirds, puffins and sea lions. It was an amazing sight – with thousands of birds flying along the jagged cliffs and sea lions resting on the rocks and then slipping into the water.

For lunch, we came to the cabin and had a relaxing time. The lunch was good and after a coffee round, we were back on the deck. The cruise moved into the more open waters and it was bumpy for a little while with the big waves and we went into the cabin where some people were already dealing with sea sickness. The staff was very responsive and helpful. Within a few minutes, we were out to see the pods of Orcas (groups of these killer whales are called Pods which can have up to 50 members and are very social). As per the crew, the orca families live together forever. After seeing the amazing orcas, we were back in as it was quite cold and windy.

We reached the port and after an amazing 6 hour cruise, we were back on land. Got off the ship, and walked around the beautiful city of Seward which was buzzing with people. Bought souvenirs, clicked a few pictures before leaving for Anchorage. On our drive to Anchorage from Seward, the weather was much better with the sun peeking through the clouds. And we stopped on the way and soaked in the breathtaking views some more. We were back at the hotel around 9 pm and that was the end of Day 2 for us.

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