Set in the year 1521, this festival transports you back in time and in history during the reign of King Henry VIII. Here the ‘village of Scarborough’ is a recreation of an English village – where the Queen of Scotland stops to enjoy the annual festival on her way to London to meet the King.

At the entrance to the Festival

Around 10 in the morning, we were at the gate and there was a long line to enter and for tickets. We got the map, got our ticket codes scanned and stepped into 1521. And it really looked like a Renaissance English village with the people dressed in the outfits of that time, shops selling swords, jewelry, leather & wood shops and fun things to do for families like petting zoos, fairy winks, horse & donkey carousal, elephant rides and restrooms were called Privis and there were different stages where actors, Jousters performed and many more.

One of the shops at the festival
Scenes from the festival

We started from the Hightower square towards the pecan grove first where there was the amazing maze, which you could enjoy all day once you have bought the ticket. My daughter loved it and she also enjoyed the elephant and Camel rides & a horse driven carousal and also got to play chess on a life-size board . It was super fun to watch the cat & mice funny tricks at the Idlewyld stage and the actors were so entertaining. Next up, was Maypole Lane and there were candle making shops, flower shops and massage & Reiki place.

People playing games from the Renaissance time
Idlewyld Stage

Next up, was the Mermaid lagoon – we got in the line to meet the mermaid. We all met the Merman sitting in the water and two more mermaids who were sitting in the water and were enjoying clicking pictures with the little ones. We walked all the way to the terra mythica castle from here and it was fun to do the scary walk through the castle with my daughter.

Festival Map and information

Lunch time drew us to the Crown Kitchens and on the way there, we got to watch the Saturday parade and enjoyed waving at the royalty. And then got in the very long line to get food and finally after 45 mins, we got the food. Finished lunch and then did some souvenir shopping and watched performances at the Royal Pavilion and the Hightower Stage before ending our amazing day at the Renaissance festival.

The mermaid at the festival

It was an incredible and one-of-a-kind experience and something we would enjoy next year again for sure.

Jousting area

*The festival will run from April 9th to May 29th in 2022 and the location is 2511 FM 66, Waxahachie TX 75167.

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