Belur Temple: 103 years of Carved Perfection

Belur, home to one of the most magnificent temples of India and a famous tourist spot – it is situated in the Hassan district almost 223 kms (139 miles) from Bangalore in Karnataka, India. The awe-inspiring Chennakesava temple along the Yagachi river was built during the Hoysala rule. Designed exquisitely, it is believed that the construction of […]

Arasikere Temple : Music Carved into Stone

After two detours and some beautiful memories, we were at the Ishvara temple in Arasikere – our final destination. Beauty of this temple is hard to put in words. I would start by saying – it is art in Stone, but wait that doesn’t define it completely; it is much much more than that. The best […]

Arekere: Beautiful Stone Temple

Cruising along Highway 234 – with vast fields on both the sides and a truck in front of us – the views were similar to any other road in India. We were headed to Arasikere in Hassan district of Karnataka in India to see the famous Ishwara Temple.  Ascertaining from the pictures on the web, […]


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