Gaganchukki Falls
Gaganchukki Falls

Shivanasamudra – one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state; it is located about 135 kms (84 miles) from Bangalore and just 30 kms (19 miles) from Talakad in Karnataka, India.

Creations of Kaveri river, which runs through the rocky hills and along the way, branches out into two sections before cascading into the misty waterfalls – one is called Gaganchukki and the other Bharachukki. An easy drive-by and a perfect weekend getaway; one can complete the whole circuit Bharachukki-Gaganchukki-Talakad in a day (for the more ambitious).

We arrived at the Gaganchukki falls in the morning before the crowds started driving in and it was the perfect time to enjoy the scenery. Though not in full swing at that time, its a breathtaking sight. From the lookout point – its like ‘an undaunted stream of glistening water roaring down the towering hills and gathering into a pool before marching onto its next territory’.

Gaganchukki Falls
Gaganchukki Falls

Such a view should be captured on camera and that is what we did. Spent a while there soaking in the nature’s beauty and then it was time to move on.

The Bharachukki falls is just a few minutes from there, and one can actually enjoy the waterfall here. Though from afar, it seems intimidating, we began our descent – a long and twisted path which led to the pond from where it was just a boat-ride away.

Our ride for the day was – ‘Coracle’ or ‘Harigolu’ (in kannada) or round boats for many – which is made of bamboo and can hold up to three to four people. We climbed in one of these and settled on the opposite sides as there’s no way one can sit in the middle of it while it moves in a circular motion.

And then, our very own merry-go-round began moving. While on the way – not to forget – the guy who was paddling our boat also had some tricks up his sleeve – and there it was with a warning, “Hold onto the boat”.

Before we could ask him ‘Why?’, everything started spinning around in a flash.

Yes, when we were right in the middle of the pond – he started rotating the coracle really fast. We were completely taken aback and burst into a laughter, though the warning did come in handy. What a crazy-fun ride ’twas- right from the time we stepped in it.

Bharachukki Falls
Bharachukki Falls

Got off the coracle and climbed onto the rocks to finally enjoy the waterfall. It was incredible.

The jagged mountains, leaping waterfalls and lush greenery – it was an absolutely gorgeous sight.

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