Reno: The Wonderful Biggest Little City in the World


Flickering lights and bitter winds greeted us on the streets of Reno on a cold January evening. The former gambling capital of the U.S, was aglow with the bright casino signs lined along the Virginia Street and the famous Arch.

We parked our car and stepped out in the chilly weather. But not for long, as we went straight to Harrah’s, one of the biggest casino hotels in the downtown area. And of course it was crowded, people were busy playing roulette and slots. We did too and after spending some time there, we were headed back to the street again.

The famous arch looked beautiful that evening and we got to take a few amazing pictures of it. And before the Nevada winters could freeze us, we went to ElDorado Casino – another famous name in the long list. And then, on to Circus Circus which was quite different from the others – as the moment we entered the casino there were kids running all over the place. It was more like a fair going on inside the building – with all kinds of games for everyone.

We enjoyed our time there. And it was a wonderful experience in ‘The biggest little city in the World’.

Copyright © Vasudha Aggarwal &, 2014 -15. All rights reserved. 


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