Bushkill Falls: Wonders of Poconos


‘I think we should go for the Blue Trail’.

‘No, the Red Trail covers all the eight falls, we should do this’.

Well, that was our first day in Poconos and it began with the trail discussion – which went back & forth for sometime until we agreed to do the Red Trail. It wasn’t a bad decision after all.

Ready with our hiking boots and maps, we were set for a few hours of adventure. Climbed down the steps and there we were at the entrance to the Main Falls – the views were breathtaking – a perfect picture of a wooden bridge over the flowing water. We had to click some pictures before moving on.

Then, we followed the trail signs and walked our way by the streams and onto the bridge overlooking the main falls – another picturesque setting, And from here, we hiked towards the bridal veil falls. The path which led to it was equally stunning, and we could actually be really close to the waterfall.

It took us almost four hours to complete the trail with a few stops on the way. Undoubtedly, seeing all the eight beautiful waterfalls while hiking through the lush green Poconos – is one of the most wonderful ways to spend a day.

Also known as the ‘Niagara of Pennsylvania’, it’s the right place for nature lovers, hikers, explorers and the adventurers among us.

Copyright © Vasudha Aggarwal & travel-defined.com, 2014 -15. All rights reserved.


21 thoughts on “Bushkill Falls: Wonders of Poconos

  1. I love the poconnos! Was just there last April at Lake wallenpaupack and been hiking here some 10 years ago! Gorgeous place, love the pictures you put up, sounds like a great hike 🙂


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