The ‘Grand Canyon’ is the ultimate natural wonder of the world. Its an over-whelming sight – where an entire world of Canyons is settled along the Colorado river with its never-ending-twisted bends and abysmal rifts. Its a puzzling mirage – the landscape tries to baffle the senses making it difficult to comprehend the real from the visible unreality.

And it was our time to enjoy the beauty of this Grandest Canyon.

A five-hour drive from Las Vegas and it was almost afternoon by the time we covered the distance of 275 miles. We stopped at Sophie’s Mexican Kitchen for some authentic burritos, just a few miles away from the Canyon and arrived at the South entrance, around 2:30 (one hour was added due to the time difference between Arizona and Nevada). Bought the entry pass which was valid for seven days and moved on to the visitor center to park our car.

After a careful study of the map, ‘Mather Point’ was our obvious first choice. So, we waited for the shuttle to take us there which was pretty quick. The views from Mather point were enchanting, it was hard to keep our eyes away from this gorgeous terrain. Next up was ‘Yaki Point’ – one of the famous lookout points and it is accessible only by shuttle buses, as cars are not allowed on that road. It was much less crowded and sure had the most sweeping views of the majestic Canyon. A perfect spot to get that beautiful shot.

We got back to the visitor center after a while and did some souvenir shopping before driving on to see the ‘Desert View & watchtower”, which was about 25 miles from there.

Far beyond imagination, ‘Desert view’ was phenomenal. There were so many lookout points from where one could see the massive bend in the canyon, it was breathtaking. Totally, out of this world experience. We spent a lot of time there, just relaxing and enjoying the unbeatable landscape over a cup of coffee. From here, we wandered back towards the lookout studio near Bright Angel Lodge to explore more before leaving for Vegas.

Its hard to say goodbye to this wonderful work of nature but only with the promise of returning back another day.

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Published by Vasudha Aggarwal

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  1. I can’t believe it’s only a 5-hour drive from Vegas! I always thought it was much further away from the way my friends described visiting. Even though I grew up not too far away, I haven’t been except as a baby. Your post is making me want to go right now! 🙂


  2. We are filming at the Grand Canyon in the new year so this piece has come just at the right time! Sounds amazing. Can’t wait.


  3. Have always, always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon and this has made me even more determined to do it one day! Beautiful


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