Bangalore is famous for Silk Sarees, IT companies and wonderful weather but that’s not it – you can get a taste of the best of South Indian cuisine here. From crispy Dosas, Handi Biryanis, Puri Chaats to Gadbad (Ice-cream sundae) – delicious food is a part of life.


10 Must-try Dishes in Bangalore

1. Ghee Dosa – Fermented Crepe (Dosa) shallow fried in Ghee (Clarified Butter) served along with Sambhar (curry), Green Chutney (sauce) and Tomato Chutney tastes incredibly yummy. A must-try when in Bangalore and no matter which restaurant you order it from – the taste is consistent all over the city.


2. Handi Biryani – Flavored Rice with spices and meat cooked in an earthern pot – comes along with a curry and Raita (Yogurt). The aroma and taste of this rice delicacy is so magical – you can finish the entire serving in one go.


3. Masala Papad – A spicy side-dish of crispy round black gram discs fried and dry heated, it is a regular with meals all over India. But, the twist here is – these papads (Papadums) are topped with a mix of onions, grated coconut and spices & makes for a savory snack.

IMG_20141220_142648-0014. Chicken Thali – An assortment of curries, breads, chicken and desserts – its a mouthful of food for one person. It pleases the taste buds and is a great way to enjoy a range of flavors together.


5. Puri-Aloo – I would call it ‘Comfort Food’, dripping with oil – just the idea of ‘oodles of carbs’ is so tempting. These Puris (deep fried bread) are soft and taste heavenly with Aloo (Potato) sabzi and a dash of coconut chutney (sauce).


6. Fish Fry – Prepared and served in a variety of ways & savored by everyone – it’s aroma is enough to make your mouth water. The fish comes wrapped in strong flavors and is coated with a layer of Rava (Semolina) or Flour before it is shallow fried till it becomes soft and flaky – incredibly delicious.


7. Idli with Curry – Light and fluffy melt in the mouth Idlis (steamed rice & lentil cakes) served along with Mangalore Curry (Ghasi) – is a delicious start to a day and is a great lunch item as well.


8. Mysore Masala Dosa – It has a special place in every Bangaloreans’ heart. The crepe is shallow fried in a pan and then a spice mix is applied to it before putting the Aloo (Potato) filling in the middle. It comes with Sambhar and green chutney – and is a staple breakfast in many households.


9. Dahi Sev Puri – Fried puff-pastry balls (puri) filled with sauces, yogurt (Dahi) and fried vermicelli (sev) – served with a sprinkling of Grated Beetroot, Cilantro (coriander) and some more Vermicelli (sev). It is light and super-delicious, perfect for Bangalore evenings.


10. Gadbad – Ice-cream sundae with scoops of Vanilla, Strawberry and butterscotch covered with nuts and chopped fruits and topped with cherries & wafers. Every restaurant has its own version of Gadbad, definitely a must-try.


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  1. Wow. Ok I’d better not let my husband see it, because (seeing as he’s from Bangalore) he’d probably have a fit about some of the inclusions (and exclusions). The thing about Bangalore is, they take their food pretty seriously. And they’re damn proud of their Biryani, but for me (I’m from Mumbai and my idea and Biryani is quite different) their Biryani is more like a meat pilaf, than anything else. Glad you enjoying the food though!


    1. Maybe you should tell him about this post.
      Would love to hear a local’s point of view.
      But yes, I have been in Bangalore for quite sometime and I would easily say, these are the 10 best dishes to try in the city.


  2. Dosa and Thali are two of my favorite things to eat ever. I’m now hungry and drooling at this post. I love curries and I try to make them at home as often as I can. So good!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Should I even repeat what the other readers have already said? Thank you for such a great explanation of all the dishes and the mouthwatering photos! I think I need to take a break and head to the kitchen right now. Except I don’t have anything nearly as delicious as the dishes you featured 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Looks so yummy! I arrived in Northeast India since 2 months now and I felt in love with the India food . In my blog I relate my experience in the Northeast as a vegetarian traveler and the delicious discoveries I made. Might interest you 🙂


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