Aihole: Splendid Art of Craft

Aihole - this place saw the beginnings of Indian Temple Architecture. As per the historical records, it was the first capital of Chalukyas and has a cluster of 125 temples built during their reign (5th - 12th century) . It is situated almost 36 kms (21 miles) from Badami in Karnataka, India. The main temple called 'Durga …

Badami : Enduring Landscape

"Wow", we said together, when we first saw Badami along the Agasthya Lake- the view is out of this world. Badami is famous for its panoramic views and temples and is situated almost 500 kms (310 miles) from Bangalore in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India. According to the historical records, it used to be the …

Arasikere Temple : Music Carved into Stone

After two detours and some beautiful memories, we were at the Ishvara temple in Arasikere - our final destination. Beauty of this temple is hard to put in words. I would start by saying - it is art in Stone, but wait that doesn't define it completely; it is much much more than that. The best …

Banavar : Two temples and a Fort

"Yes, let's see the fort." There began our second detour of the trip, and this time we decided to visit Banavar/Banavara. It’s a small village in the Hassan district of Karnataka in India, almost equidistant from Arekere and Arasikere. Guided by the signposts, we drove through the village and found our way to the fort (kote, …

Arekere: Beautiful Stone Temple

Cruising along Highway 234 - with vast fields on both the sides and a truck in front of us – the views were similar to any other road in India. We were headed to Arasikere in Hassan district of Karnataka in India to see the famous Ishwara Temple.  Ascertaining from the pictures on the web, …


A sliver of Motivation. A snippet of History. A slice of Adventure. And a big dollop of fun.


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A sliver of Motivation. A snippet of History. A slice of Adventure. And a big dollop of fun.

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