Death Valley: Intriguing Amargosa Opera House

Death Valley, just the name itself conjures up varied visions. But a trip to the Valley is enough to leave you with that lasting impression. It was always on our list to drive through Death Valley from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, owing to the fact that it is one of those mysterious places. And […]

San Francisco: Famous Cable car ride

No trip to San Francisco is complete without a ride on the famous cable car. That’s what everyone says and they are right ! But it all begins with a little hard work i.e. getting in a long line before you finally get to enjoy the bumpy ride. We waited for about half an hour, […]

New York: Impressive Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle, an integral part of Central Park stands impressively high overlooking the verdant expanse. Built in 1869, this stone structure provides that historical feel to the park. It looks perfect through the seasons – in summers it surrounds itself with the vibrant hues of green and in winters it takes cover under the gleaming […]

Las Vegas: Bellagio Botanical Gardens

Surrounded by the glittering lights and sounds of Las Vegas, there lies a paradise – right in the heart of the city – the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. On our summer trip to Vegas, Bellagio resort was an obvious stop. And the ‘Summer Garden Party’ themed conservatory was a gem waiting to be discovered. The […]

Chicago: The color of the Bean

May is just the perfect time to be in Chicago – who doesn’t love the pleasant springtime when the sun shines brighter and the breeze is still cool. We landed at the O’Hare airport around noon and Cloud Gate was the very first thing we wanted to see. Its a quick train ride away and […]

California: Panoramic Pacific Coast Highway

After an early morning flight, misplaced baggage and a long-tiring journey – it all worked out well when we landed in San Francisco to begin our ‘Christmas in California’ trip. Overcast skies and beautiful vistas awaited, as we decided to take the ‘Pacific Coast Highway’ (State Route 1) – known for a picturesque drive along the […]

Bushkill Falls: Wonders of Poconos

‘I think we should go for the Blue Trail’. ‘No, the Red Trail covers all the eight falls, we should do this’. Well, that was our first day in Poconos and it began with the trail discussion – which went back & forth for sometime until we agreed to do the Red Trail. It wasn’t […]

Reno: The Wonderful Biggest Little City in the World

Flickering lights and bitter winds greeted us on the streets of Reno on a cold January evening. The former gambling capital of the U.S, was aglow with the bright casino signs lined along the Virginia Street and the famous Arch. We parked our car and stepped out in the chilly weather. But not for long, as […]

Philadelphia: Eastern State Penitentiary

The ‘World’s first true penitentiary’ designed in a wagon-wheel style opened in 1829 and was built “to create genuine regret and penitence in the criminal’s heart” (as per Eastern State Penitentiary website) It was the first and the most interesting attraction on our list of places to see in Philadelphia. And by eleven in the morning we […]

Baltimore: Fort McHenry

A rainy day at the Fort McHenry. Baltimore is a beautiful city in Maryland and has the historic star-shaped Fort McHenry which is known for the War of 1812 and as the birthplace of the American National Anthem – ‘Star-Spangled Banner’. Our trip began with this important monument of American history. The exhibits displayed are […]


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